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'Dark Blue Sea'

Presented by Synergia Dance Project

“Together, I lost myself with you.”

This idea, that it is possible to lose oneself both within and without another person, is the foundation for Synergia Dance Project, a new collaborative dance company based in Troy, NY. The concept of loss - loss of love, of faith, of self - is one that is often explored through all mediums of art. Singers sing about it, writers write about it, painters paint about it; without loss, and, to a greater extent, the overcoming of loss, some of the most powerful pieces of art we hold so dear would cease to exist. Combining the abstraction of dance with the raw power of live music and stunning multimedia visuals, Synergia offers its viewers the opportunity to experience and explore loss in a new, completely unique way.

The show as Medina first imagined it has blossomed through her partnerships with local bands Dark Honey, Girl Blue, and The Sea The Sea; a group of core dancers from Troy Dance Factory; and with Chromoscope Pictures, a Troy-based film company. Together, this collaboration makes up “Dark Blue Sea,” a three-act narrative dance performance, featuring live music performed by the three bands, much of which is currently unreleased, as well as multimedia elements filmed and directed by Chromoscope Pictures.

Later Event: October 12
Marco Benevento w/s/g Mikaela Davis